Donation Requests

GIANTS Netball is proud to support numerous organisations, community activities and fundraisers during the year through donations. Our endeavour is to provide support where possible to our Fans and Members however, sometimes it is not possible to fulfill every worthy request.

To request a GIANTS Netball item, please submit the donation request form as early as possible with a minimum of FOUR weeks prior to the event.

Please note:

  • The club does not provide monetary donations
  • The club does not accept any item to be signed
  • The club does not accept any responsibility for items sent in the mail
  • Request must include all event details (date, locations, non-for-profit information if available, beneficiary of the donation, contact name, phone, mailing address, purpose or mission of the event/organisation).
  • Requests must be submitted online via our Donation Request Form below, however please note - submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.
  • We do not make cash donations.